The Best Free Places You’ll Find New Blog Ideas

One of the biggest roadblocks for new bloggers is coming up with new blog ideas.

I’m sure we can all remember a time when we found ourselves asking “what the heck am I gonna talk about this week?”  I sure did when I was just getting started!

That all changed for me when I took an amazing course from one of my mentors.  There was a module in that course that went over some incredible techniques to find a never-ending source of content, and I’m excited to share a piece of that information with you here!

There are lots of amazing places to get blog ideas from.  Here are some of my favourite free ones …

Blog Ideas At Home

It’s easiest to start where you already are.  There’s a wealth of information already at your fingertips!

1. If you’re as passionate about your blogging niche as I am about mine, I’m sure you have lots of books, magazines, videos, and articles around the house on that subject.  Blow off the dust and crack a few of the open to unlock some inspiration!

2. Ever been to an event of conference related to your blog niche?  If so, you should have some notebooks from the info you wrote down at those events that you can mine for some golden topics.  As one of my mentors likes to say “your notebooks are filled with uncashed cheques”

3. Do you even participate in coaching calls?  These can be with your coaches, mentors and business partners, or they can be with people you’re coaching and mentoring.  If there’s something that you or someone you’re working with is struggling with, there’s a good chance that others are struggling too.

Online Blog Ideas

Since we already spend so much of our lives online, it makes total sense to use some of that time to our advantage.  You no longer need to spend hours researching (unless you really want to) with these helpful sources …

1. Webinars and podcasts can be some of the most topic-rich places you can look.  Chances are that if someone has taken the time to create those resources, they’ve already done the research into the viability of the content.  Not sure where to find amazing content like this?  Check out this weekly webinar series, or this daily morning mindset call series!

2. Speaking of other people’s content, make sure you check out forums and other blogs in your niche.  Make note of what content is getting the highest engagement and views, what questions are being answered, and what people are commenting about.

3. Simple Google searches can be another gold-mine for content … just don’t get sucked own any rabbit-holes!  Google knows what people are looking for in your niche, so you might as well ask for that info.  This is a great way to check out some popular news articles and ads, and see how many people are searching for those topics.

4. What are people in your niche buying?  Amazon best-seller lists and affiliate websites (like ClickBank) can provide blog ideas for days!  Just look around and see what problems the top-sellers or more popular products in your niche are solving.

5. Watch the gurus in your niche.  Subscribe to their blogs, follow them on social media, and check out their sales pages.  As with your mentors or coaches, industry gurus have already put a lot of time into researching what their audience wants.  It’s relatively simple for you to check out what they’re doing to see what you can adapt for your own purposes.

Blog Ideas In Your Neighbourhood

There’s a wealth on information (sometimes literally) right in your own backyard, so venture out of the house and let inspiration strike …

1. Go to the library or your local bookstore and make note of what’s new and hot in your niche.  You can even double-dip and provide a book review in addition to re-purposing that great content!

2. Take your online business to the local coffee shop or cafe.  Before long you’re sure to overhear a conversation related to something blog-worthy.  Worst-case scenario is that you can blog about what it was like having a mobile home-office for the day.

3. Use that time standing in line at the local grocery store to your advantage.  There’s a reason certain magazines and products are by the checkout … they’re the highest grossing.  Check out some headlines or stories that catch your eye and create some content around that.

4. Attend events in your niche.  Whether you have specific company events, industry events, or generic business events you’re guaranteed to come home with enough blog ideas to carry you for months!  While there, be sure to take 2 types of notes: (1) What will I implement? and (2) What will I teach?  This will provide you with even more great content, but also break that nasty “I’ve already heard this” habit that we can find ourselves in.

With these great resources you’ll generate never-ending sources of new blog ideas.  Now you’re biggest problem is how to write about all of them!

Blog Ideas

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