My Travel Tools

I’m often asked what items I consider absolutely necessary when I travel, and how did that change when I became a travelpreneur.

I’ve created this list to explain exactly what I pack when I go away and what is required when you start running a mobile business.  This will shed some light on the mysteries of achieving the freedom lifestyle, and help you work out some of the kinks with your packing routine.

Travel Tools

travel tools


I prefer to travel with only a carry-on bag and personal item, unless I’m planning to be away for longer than 1 week.  Fewer fees and easier check-in are great, plus I can always check my carry-on for free at the gate if I want to be hand’s free!

travel tools


If you’re going to travel, you need to have a valid passport.  Be sure to pay attention to your expiry date as each country may have different entry rules based on that date.

travel tools

Smartphone Apps

It’s time to turn your smartphone into one of your most valued business tools.  Whether you’re looking for apps for blogging, or apps for travelling, I’ve got you covered in a previous post.

travel tools

Travel Perks

Are you getting the most out of your travel perks?  From credit card points to loyalty rewards, the offers are endless (and just as confusing!).  If you want to know how I experience bucket list travel on any budget check this out!