Top 5 Travel Review Websites to Help Plan You Vacation

Whenever I am about to travel to a new location, one of my first steps is to research the activities, attractions and events that are available when I’ll be there.  This is the second installment of my 3-part series on Travel Planning: Top 5 Travel Review Websites.  If you missed the first discussion of the Top 10 Travel Planning Websites, go back and check it out at any time.

With all of the content out there, where do you start, and how can you be sure the information is reliable?  Here are my top 5 travel websites for tips and resources to help make your next trip unforgettable!

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is consistently one of the world’s best places to go for travel advice.  Their website is filled with guidebooks, forums and travel information designed to take the mystery out of your next vacation.

Thorn Tree Forum

Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree Forum is a place to get answers for those unanswerable travel questions. It’s a discussion forum written by travelers with first-hand knowledge about just about anything (and anywhere) you want to know.

Rick Steves’ Europe

Anything you could want to know about European travel you can likely find on Rick Steves’ Europe.  He’s a well-seasoned traveler with vast experience that he loves to share with others visiting Europe. From guidebooks and maps to travel consulting and trip planning, there really is no better source for info as far as Europe is concerned.


Traveldudes provides great reviews and tips covering destinations worldwide, written “by travelers for travelers”.  A great place to find key details that are unlikely to be covered in mainstream travel guides.  Written in mostly blog format, the articles are quick and easy to understand.

World Reviewer

World Reviewer is a great site providing recommendations and reviews on a wide range of activities, world-wide. From the adventurer looking for ballooning, skiing, or surfing to the cultural traveler interested in arts & crafts, they’ve got you covered.

With awesome travel review websites like these, we have the ability to know exactly what to expect before we arrive!  So get out there and start taking care of that bucket list.

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