The Top 10 Travel Resources You Need For Your Next Trip

Welcome to the final installment of my 3-part series on Travel Planning!  If you missed the first 2 articles in the series, you are welcome to go back and check out the Top 10 Travel Planning Websites, and the Top 5 Travel Websites for Tips and Reviews. So you’ve booked your trip, and you’ve got a plan!

You didn’t think I was going to leave you on your own, did you?  Here are my Top 10 Travel Resources you need for your next trip; everything from getting to the airport, to checking flight status, to free walking tours, to relative changes in cost of living between countries are all included.


BootsnAll is a travel community designed to help you meet like-minded travelers.  It’s full of planning resources to get you personalized help on planning your big trip.  Best of all, their help doesn’t end once you’ve decided where you’re going.  Their experts will take a look at your trip and help you find hidden adventures of cost savings that you may not have thought of!


Context is a truly informative walking tour company, provides tours around the world given by prominent professors, archaeologists, historians, and urban planners.  All tours are either private, or done in very small groups (maximum 6 people).  They take your “self-guided” tour and bump it up about 100 notches to make your next trip epic!


Eardex allows you to compare the relative cost-of-living in countries, regions and cities world-wide. Their database collects local prices on more than 45 everyday products.  The data is user-provided, and individual product prices are averaged by town/city before rolling up to the region/province/state level, and finally averaged at a national level as well.  With all of this information, Eardex is able to provide accurate data for travelers to now know how the cost-of-living at their destination compares to their home.


Go Abroad is a great website for those looking to study, teach, volunteer, intern, or work abroad.  GoAbroad was created to to connect prospective travelers with organizations who are providing international education or alternative travel opportunities.


iFly aims to provide their visitors with all the right information they need to make their air travel less stressful.  Once you’ve booked your flight, iFly provides all of the info you need to get you to and through the airport(s) with ease.   Parking in the best spots, navigating between terminals, finding the best places to eat/shop, getting in touch with any airport’s lost and found, or tracking flight times are all provided in an easy to use layout.

SANDEMANs New Europe

SANDEMANs New Europe provides free walking tours in 18 cities across Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.  Tours are operated by local guides working on a donation basis.  They are the best way to get an insider’s look without breaking your budget.

Sleeping in Airports

Sleeping In Airports provides you with the best places to catch some quiet in airports around the world. Whether you want a quick nap between flights, or save money on a hotel by sleeping in the airport before an early takeoff, this site is full of traveler reviews to make your travel experience more tolerable.

Spotted by Locals

Spotted by Locals is a series of blogs and city guides to give you a true travel experience. Insider tips from locals in 62 cities in Europe and North America. Spotted by Locals is designed to help travelers discover hidden gems, tucked away restaurants and less crowded activities.

To and From the Airport

To and From the Airport is an interactive site providing details on the best ways to get to and from any airport in the world by car, bus, train, etc. Don’t let the design of the site distract you; the information can prove to be very helpful.


Triposo can be used as a website or downloaded as an app to provide smart personalized suggestions so you can skip the long reviews to find what you’ll love.  Get real-time information about what’s in your immediate area, or dynamic recommendations about activities, museums, beaches, dancing, etc. As a bonus, Triposo is completely available offline, making it incredibly useful for trips where you need to rely on sporadic Wi-Fi.

We made it!

I hope you enjoyed this 3-part series as much as I did when I was putting it together for you.  If you have other recommendations for websites you use for travel planning, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.  Who knows, maybe they’ll bump one of our current Travel Planning Champions off the list!

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