Sitting down to plan your next trip is not always a pleasant experience.  Where do you start?  Which websites can you trust? Sometimes people are so disheartened by how daunting the travel planning phase seems that they give up before they start.

Travel Planning Like a Pro

I believe so deeply in experiencing what the world has to offer that I have created a 3-part series on the best travel websites to help you get started.  This is Part 1: The Top 10 Travel Planning Websites, which is followed up by Part 2: The Top 5 Websites for Tips and Reviews, and then finally Part 3: The Top 10 Travel Resources.

When you’re ready to begin planning your next trip I recommend checking out these go-to websites to get you started on the right path.  Let’s get started with planning your next trip:


Airbnb offers you the ability to reserve anything from a spare room to a docked boat to an entire furnished home directly from someone who is local to your destination. You can narrow your search based on location, price, and the amenities that are important to you: free parking, Wi-Fi, laundry, pets, etc. An added perk with Airbnb is that you’ll get to feel more like a local since you’re staying in a neighborhood rather than a commercial, touristy zone.


AirTreks is the worldwide leader in providing affordable, customized and efficient international air tickets. Travelers and travel agents have the ability to create customized itineraries with an unlimited number of destinations all in one price estimate.  AirTreks is made up of dedicated travel consultants whose goal is to provide you with the optimal routes at the best prices.

Dream Trips

DreamTrips is a travel membership site that allows you to convert all “membership dues” into travel points, like a travel savings account.  They offer everything from à la carte travel (hotels, flights, rental cars, etc.) to exclusive fully pre-planned getaways.  Click Here for more details.


Globetrooper is a community designed to help you find travel partners for group trips and world adventures. It also contains detailed information about regions, adventures and personal experiences from people around the world.  A great user interface that now includes a special Round The World (RTW) travel section.

Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel is a brilliant travel agency that provides environmentally conscious travel packages. They help connect travelers with small travel companies around the world so you can get more out of every adventure.  Responsible Travel puts an emphasis on respecting local cultures and local environments, but goes further than traditional “ecotourism”.


Skiplagged helps you find the cheapest flight possible by making use of hidden city opportunities.  For example, if you were looking to travel from San Diego to Chicago, it’s potentially cheaper to buy a San Diego to New York ticket with a Chicago layover, and simply not take the Chicago to New York connection.  Skiplagged tracks these, and many other opportunities to help you save money no your next flight.


Skyscanner is a flight comparing search engine that’s the go-to website for booking flights in Australia and Europe.  One of my favourite features is the ‘everywhere’ button! Say you’re not sure where you’d like to go; simply select “everywhere” and you’ll be presented with options from cheapest to most expensive. Great for spontaneous travel.

The Man in Seat 61

The Man in Seat 61 is an excellent way to find alternative transportation by boat, train, or bus on routes you may have thought planes were the only option. This site aims to allow travelers to experience more of their journey than is available waiting in airports or flying above the clouds.  Just plug in your start and end points to see what routes and methods are available to you.


Triporama is a group travel planning site that helps you plan trips with all the collaboration you desire. Great for keeping everyone up-to-date, and sharing ideas or research.  Not sure what kind of trip you want to take?  They have lots of sample trips and inspiration guides to help you narrow your focus.

Where are You Now “WAYN”

Where Are You Now “WAYN” is a crowd-sourcing platform that allows you to share your trips and browse other people’s experiences to get suggestions for your next adventure. Also a great way to document your trip.  You can meet like-minded travelers for recommendations and even document your travels.

With awesome travel planning websites like these, we no longer have anything to be worried about!  So get out there and start taking care of that bucket list.

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