What Top Entrepreneurs Know That Opportunity Seekers Don’t!

There’s a very specific mindset shift that happens when people turn from being business opportunity seekers into top entrepreneurs.

All of the top entrepreneurs  know this secret, and I was fortunate enough to have one share it with me recently!

He even told me I could share it with you, so get ready to take your business to a whole new level …

Wait … What’s The Difference??

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be thinking what’s the big deal?  Aren’t the top entrepreneurs just business opportunity seekers who found what they were looking for?

Turns out that the shift required to move from a business opportunity seeker to an entrepreneur isn’t just slightly different; it’s completely opposite!

Key Mindset Traits

There are a few key mindset traits that will distinguish you as an entrepreneur instead of a business opportunity seeker:


Business Opportunity Seeker

  • No Strategy or Plan
  • Seeking Quick Fixes and Answers
  • Wanting Instant Results
  • Fearful to Spend Money
  • Wishing It Was Easier
  • “Trying” Everything
  • Constant Starting & Stopping

Top Entrepreneurs

  • Create Strategic and Detailed Plans
  • Implement Their Plan
  • Provide Answers
  • Maintain a Long-Term Vision and Focus
  • Understand Investment vs Cost
  • Always Working To Become Better
  • Willing to Say “No”
  • Stays the Course Towards Their Goal

Now you have 2 choices:

  1. Keep chasing the money
  2. Learn to build a real business

It’s a big mistake to focus all your energy on sales and commission.  Instead you need to figure out who you want to help, how you can help them, and the path you need to take to get there.

After-all, the revenue we receive is just a measuring stick showing how much value we’ve put into the marketplace and how many people we’ve helped.

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