Is Your Sense of Entitlement Stopping You From Reaching Your Dreams?

Did you ever stop to think that your sense of entitlement could be standing in the way of reaching your dreams?

What if I told you that you need to INCREASE your sense of entitlement?

Most people equate entitlement with narcissism, or self-importance.  In reality, having a sense of entitlement means you have a belief that you’re deserving or have a right to something.

When was entitlement given such a bad rap?

You ARE Entitled!

Entitlement is not a negative thing.

If you want to be successful in business and in life you need to feel inherently deserving of that success.  Whatever success means to you, you must make the switch from believing it can happen to knowing it will happen.

It’s not an easy task, but it really is that simple.

Once you know you’re deserving of your goals or dreams, you start to think and behave with an expectation that they’ll happen.  All you need is to put in the time and effort required!

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Knowing you’re entitled is your new baseline.

Turn Entitlement Into Reality

Once we start operating from our new baseline of entitlement, failure is not an option.  You must learn the skills and gain the knowledge necessary to reach your goals.

Here are 10 quick tips to turn your entitlement into reality:

1. Encouragement – increase your imagination and make everything possible

2. Use Your Gifts Unapologetically – Stop hiding.  It’s time to show the world your true self.

3. Shape Your Thinking – Pay attention to what you say to yourself and what you allow others to say to you.  Every word is a flower or a brick on your subconscious.

4. Your Mind Plays Tricks On You – You’ve gotten really good at ignoring certain things in your life, but you can’t change what you won’t acknowledge.

5. Skills – Always bring your best and be willing to learn the rest.

6. What Makes You Tick – Find a way to work toward your dreams every day.  Eventually you’ll feel like you’ve stopped working and started winning.

7. Don’t Expect Anyone To Understand – You have no control over what others think about you or your dreams.  Your frustrations with them and their reactions are simply misplaced expectations.

8. Track Your Activity – It’s important to know what you’re doing and to understand your sources of energy (such as faith, family/friends, etc).

9. Your History – You can always rewrite your story.  Your past is a cancelled cheque, the future is a promissory note, but the present if your only legal tender.

10. Personal Growth – In life you’re either growing or falling behind.  There’s no such thing as standing still, so make a conscious effort to take your skills to another level every day.

Are you ready to start building your sense of entitlement?

You deserve to achieve your dreams.  It’s time to take control of your life!

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