5 Awesome Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Near Central Park South

My wife and I recently returned from an incredible weekend in New York City, and I couldn’t wait to share some of my findings with you: especially the awesome, vegan-friendly restaurants near Central Park south that we discovered!

We stayed at Le Parker Meridien – a stunning hotel located a few doors down from world famous Carnegie Hall, and just 2 blocks from the southern entrances to Central Park.  I’ve been to NYC a few times, and this is by far the best location I’ve stayed at (and not just because of the hotel itself).  From here, just about everything my wife and I had on our “must-do” list was in walking distance.

Keep in mind, we generally don’t eat at set times (often searching for dinner after 10pm) and there are some dietary restrictions (my wife is vegan).  This can be a challenge while travelling, but NYC can be incredibly accommodating!  So if you’re up for something other than your standard fare, I’ve got a treat for you … here are my Top 5 Unique Restaurants Near Central Park South!

Tanner Smith’s

I have to start this list with our absolute favourite:  Tanner Smith’s was so good we went there for dinner twice!

Located at etween 7th Ave and Broadway), Tanner Smith’s was everything we could ask for and more.  They offer amazingly unique food selections and a great selection of cocktails that will leave you begging for more.  All served by some of the best waitstaff in the city, and accompanied by some of the best live music you’ll find without paying a cover.

I highly recommend you start any visit with the Eggplant Chips!  Take everything you know about eggplant and forget it.  These thinly sliced chips are superbly prepared and drizzled in honey.  The menu has amazing variety for its size, and you’ll definitely be impressed by anything you choose.

The drink menu is where the fun really begins at Tanner Smith’s, immediately explaining the early 20th century drinking house vibe you can’t help but fall in love with.  They offer many drinks you’d recognize but with their own unique twist, and a whole host of amazing concoctions you won’t find elsewhere.

Do yourself a favour and put this place at the top of your list for dinner plans the next time you’re in New York City.

Num Pang Sandwich Shop

Once I tried one of their namesake creations at Num Pang Sandwich Shop my first thought was “how did I now know these existed”!

(between Ave of the Americas and 7th Ave), this is the perfect place to stop before or after your visit to Times Square.  The brainchild of college buddies, there are now 8 award-winning locations throughout the city.  Walking by on the street you’d never know the explosion of awesomeness your taste-buds were about to enjoy (though the usual lineups should give you a hint).

Num Pang is a traditional Cambodian sandwich with simple yet delicious toppings.  Here, an amazing rotation of selections is served on a freshly toasted semolina flour baguette with their signature chili mayo.  If the seasonal selection of Grilled Portobello is available, I’d highly recommend you give it a try.

Try to stagger your visits here … once you eat at Num Pang, you’ll be left craving more!

UPDATE: Num Pang Sandwich Shop has closed due to construction in the area, but they have opened the nearby Num Pang Kitchen at 140 E 41st St.

Beyond Sushi Midtown

Beyond Sushi is one of those locations that you happen upon, but turns out to be epic!  Strolling along West 56th Street between before heading to a Broadway show, we were looking for something quick and delicious …. and Beyond Sushi was the perfect find.

(between 5th Ave and Ave of the Americas), making unique vegan creations in a sushi-style.  Not only does it taste great, but it’s also good for you.  Their unconventional pairings of fruits, vegetables, and grains will leave you spell-bound and wanting more.

Oh, and get your Instagram account ready … these amazingly unique creations are also a feast for your eyes!

New Topaz Thai

Judging by the crowds inside the narrow restaurant and the lineup waiting for tables, we just had to try New Topaz Thai.

(between Ave of the Americas and 7th Ave), New Topaz Thai offers some really great food at a surprisingly affordable price.  This combination means that if you try to go there at lunch on a weekday you’ll find yourself among the business crowd who just stepped out of the office for a quick bite.

The food is fresh, very tasty, and mild enough that it won’t offend anyone who doesn’t like “Thai spicy” food.  Don’t let any lines concern you.  The service is quick, and you won’t be waiting long … though the also offer takeout and delivery if you’re so inclined.


A picnic in Central Park is a perfect way to spend an afternoon in New York City, and there are few better places to pick up something for lunch than at fresh&co.

(between Ave of the Americas and 5th Ave), it’s the perfect place to pop in on your way to the park.  fresh&co offers a great selection of freshly made soups, salads and sandwiches using in-season ingredients for maximized freshness.  Their fruits and vegetables are sourced locally from organic, sustainable farms.

Not only are these creations delicious, but they’re healthy for you too!  Whatever creation you choose, you’re sure to remain fueled longer giving you with more energy to explore all that Central Park has to offer.

I hope you make a note to visit each of these unique restaurants near Central Park south the next time you find yourself in Manhattan.  If you’re like me, you’re often too busy deciding what amazing landmark or museum to visit next to spend time searching for a place to eat.  Even though the food may not be the most important part of your trip, it’s always better to have something awesome than to settle for something you regret later.

These unique restaurants will not only sustain you while on the go, but they’ll become some of the highlights of your visit!

Do you have other restaurants near Central Park south that you’d recommend?  Please comment below because I’d love to hear about them, and plan them into my next visit!

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