Break Free! You Need to Conquer These 3 Things Before You Plan a Trip

When it’s time to plan a trip there are 3 main things most people don’t want to face.  These things can cause us to settle for a trip we may not otherwise take, or (worse) delay our vacations!

What could have that kind of power??

1. Information Overload
2. Pricing Frustration
3. Destination Mysteries

Each of these has been created by the travel industry, but not on purpose.  They are by-products of the information age we live in.

Although it’s easy to fall prey to one or more of them, the good news it that each can be conquered!

Are you ready to break free and plan a trip you REALLY want to take??

Information Overload

The biggest obstacle we we want to plan a trip is often information overload, or at least the perception of too much information.

With so much content available to us, it’s a great time to learn about all those “hidden gems” we’d otherwise have no way of knowing about.  The problem tends to be with the organization and navigability of all this content.  Combine this with a wealth of irrelevant information thrown in, and it’s so easy to get discouraged.

When we’re getting started with our travel plan it’s best to create a high-level summary first.  Stay away from the day-to-day details to help cut the clutter.

Once you’ve figured out the “big picture” plan (things like places, dates and must-do activities), then you can start digging a bit deeper.  Now it’s easier to cut through the chatter and exclude the data that doesn’t fit your criteria to find those festivals or amazing restaurants that fit into your high-level plan.

Price frustration

How many websites did you visit before you finally clicked “buy” for your last vacation?

According to a 2015 study, the average person will visit 38 websites while planning their vacation.  They’ll visit 16 websites on the day of booking alone!  This includes visiting Online Travel Agency (OTA) sites as well as hotel, car rental, airline sites separately.  Though some of these visits are a result of checking on quality, reviews, etc. it’s safe to say that the majority are for the sole purpose of price comparison.

We’ve been conditioned that making a quick decision will lead to regret when it comes to booking travel.

How many times have you been caught waiting for a “seat sale” or playing the “when will the price drop” game?

Why are we conditioned like this?  Because of vast pricing volatility in the travel market, combined with huge competition between the few companies who own all the smaller OTAs.

Some great solutions have come out of this frustration, such as price comparison websites.  These sites will search their database of OTAs to find prices to fit your budget.  But can you be satisfied visiting just one of these? 🙂

Personally, I’ve given up on this game.

Instead I started looking for price guarantees.  Now I can book what I want, when I want and if/when the price drops, I get credited back the difference.  In some instances I can even get a free trip if I find a lower price!

My travel planning anxiety has been replaced with a fun game of trying to beat my guaranteed price.

Destination Mysteries

It’s been said that at least half of travellers don’t have a specific destination in mind when they begin planning their next vacation.

Sound familiar?

Despite this, the vast majority of OTAs require us to enter our destination before providing information about flights, hotels and activities.  See the disconnect?

Wouldn’t it be nicer to be able to find a list of potential destinations based on seasonal temperatures, price ranges, amenities and offerings?

There are a handful of places we can go for this sort of travel support.  Skyscanner, which I discussed in this post provides an “everywhere” button during the search process that provides all flight destinations available in your price range.

For everything other than flights, I recommend this website.  Simply provide as much detail as you currently know about your trip, and be presented with a host of pre-curated travel packages that fit my criteria.  It can be as simple as “where in the world can I go for $1500 per person in the next 12 months?”.  Brilliant!

Armed with these techniques, we can now conquer some of the biggest hurdles people face when it’s time to plan a trip.

Travel is meant to be fun, and it’s my belief that this should start with the planning piece!

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