Stop Dreaming and Learn How to Achieve Success

Isn’t it time you stopped dreaming and started learning how to achieve success?

You know you deserve it, right?!

When I say “stop dreaming”, what I really mean is that it’s time to wake up and take action.

Our dreams are very important, and we must never give up on them.  But there’s a big difference between having a big dream and achieving success.

My goal here is to give you some tips to help take those dreams and create the shift necessary to start making them an inevitability.

The Dream-Stealer

So often, when people are struggling with how to achieve success it’s because they’re in a bad relationship.

You know what I mean, right?

A bad relationship with a thief who steals your dreams!  That thief’s name is FEAR.

Why is fear so successful at knocking us off our game?  Well, fear starts by placing little doubts in our thoughts.

Though these thoughts aren’t true, it tends to be easier to believe the lies fear is telling us than to do the work necessary to push past them.

We must constantly be aware of these thoughts.  Whenever we have a bad moment (and they’ll always come), we must shut it down immediately.

There is good news, however!  If you consistently do what you fear, the death of that fear is inevitable.

Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain - Ralph Waldo Emerson @EmersonQuote Click To Tweet

Everything that’s worth it requires hard work.  Not perfection, but hard work.

Waiting for ideal circumstances is often one of the greatest fears that keep us from achieving success.  But greatness doesn’t come from perfection, so get out there and screw it up!

What Are Your Excuses Worth?

Ok, so we’ve got our fears under control, so now it’s clear sailing toward success, right?

Not quite … We still need to deal with all those pesky excuses we come up with.

You know the ones: “I’ll get to that tomorrow”, or “I’m not prepared enough yet”, or even “I don’t have the resources”.

The only way to find the results you desire is to lose your excuses.  In fact, the more excuses you have, the less success you’ll achieve.

The people we see who are living their dreams, or who have achieved great success aren’t special or different.  They just stopped making excuses.

We all only get 1 shot at living a successful life, so there’s no time for excuses!

What’s your life worth to you?  Is your future success worth more than your excuses today?

Associations Matter!

Eliminating our fears and removing our excuses provides us with a whole new level of confidence.  We can now start dreaming again!

When you allow yourself to dream you’ll become more focused, which helps you find a way to succeed.  A big contributor is the new people you begin to align yourself with.

Why do we need to be aligned with new people?

Just like your existing thoughts and beliefs, your existing relationships have gotten you to where you are now.

We’ve all got people in our life who range across the spectrum of keeping us where we are to helping propel us forward.  Are you aware the your 5 closest associations will dictate where you are in your life?

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with - Jim Rohn @OfficialJimRohn Click To Tweet

Some of the people in our lives are stuck.  They either need your help, or they’re afraid of the reflection you’re casting on them.  If you find yourself surrounded with people who aren’t promoting you, you need to start demoting them!

This is no easy task.  There’s an entire exercise that’s incredibly helpful in working through this, but we can go through that another time.

Suffice it to say that some people will be attracted to your dreams and passion, while others will start talking trash.

Don’t sacrifice your success for the attitudes and cowardice of others.  I’ve also heard it put this way: “if you buy someone else’s opinion you’re also buying their lifestyle”.  So be very selective of who you’re listening to.

You’re looking for people who want you to succeed.

They really are out there!

Once you start finding your success tribe, you’ll see it gets much easier to ignore the people who are “stuck”.  You’ll build your confidence, increase your focus, and your success will become inevitable.

Why Not You?!

Did you know you were born to win, but programmed to lose?

Many of us shelved our dreams around age 18 when someone asked us “what are you doing with the rest of your life?”

One of the biggest tips I can provide for how to achieve success is this: believe you deserve more.

So why not you?  Why can’t YOU be the one who changes the course of your family history?

You have no shot at an extraordinary life if you don’t take ownership of it!  You must set yourself up for mastery or you’ll continue to coast into misery.

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You’ll need to start conditioning yourself.  Make it fun and approach every situation assuming the outcome you want.

The more positive your mindset is, the tougher you’ll get.  That’s not to say you should ignore the negatives that come around, or that you’ll be living in a dreamworld.

You’ll never figure out how great you are if you never go through any obstacles.  Your struggles help to lead you to your purpose.

Maintaining a positive mindset will help keep you focused, and with that focus you’ll start to recognize opportunity when it presents itself.

The how-to’s for achieving success matter a lot less than the mindset behind it.  You must consistently work on yourself to avoid  getting stuck on a plateau.

You have so much to offer the world!  It’s time to step out there and live the life of your dreams.

What Are You Focused On?

We’ve already mentioned focus a lot in this post, but what exactly are we focusing on?

To achieve success you must begin with the end in mind.  When you change your focus, you’ll change your life!

So where do you see yourself?

Always be purposeful in your thoughts and activities.  The work you put in now is a down-payment for your residual freedom.

Keep in mind that the “overnight success” has already put in hundreds or thousands of hours practicing behind the scenes.  Nothing happens when you want them to, they happen when they’re supposed to.

If you have a future that you truly want, there’s no obstacle that can keep you from it when you’re persistent, consistent and focused.

Make A Decision

Your focus creates the potential for a successful future, but potential doesn’t matter if you’re not showing up every day.

We all know those people who ooze potential, but refuse to put in the work.  This always makes me think of a friend I played hockey with growing up.  He was amazing … when he wanted to be.  With the flip of a switch he could make plays and score at will.

With his raw talent, there was no reason for him not to reach the NHL.  Except that he didn’t want to put in the work.  He never made the decision, and any dreams of a professional career disappeared years ago.

In our moments of decision our destiny is created, so what decisions are you making each day?

In our moments of decision our destiny is created Click To Tweet

It’s time to make a decision to win!

Draw a line in the sand … not with you toe or a stick; it’s time to dig a trench.

Always pay attention to which side of the line you’re on.  Be aware of the people on the other side of the line, but push past them.

Don’t go back for those who won’t cross the line or you’ll sacrifice those who are running with you toward your dreams.

Once you decide, you can’t be stopped.  Your success becomes inevitable.

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