Your Complete Google Analytics Introduction to Social Media Reporting

As an online business owner, the importance of social media for gathering leads, finding blog fans, and generally increasing our reach can’t be understated.

Many of our favourite social networks provide their own analytics to varying degrees … provided we have created a business profile/account.  The only problem is that we can’t see how each of them compares to each other without doing a lot of manual reporting and number crunching.

Though I do have a math degree, I still don’t want to spend all my time consolidating numbers across a bunch of reports.

That’s where Google Analytics can step in and help us.  They have an entire section dedicated to providing info about how your social media presence is affecting your website.

How great is that?!?

So let’s get into this Google Analytics Introduction to Social Media Reporting …

Social Media Dashboard Reports

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Google Analytics Introduction

Understanding Social Media Reports

Google Analytics provides 6 different social media reports that are set up for you.  They are accessed on the Reporting screen, under Acquisition -> Social:

Google Analytics Introduction
  1. Overview – This report uses goal setting (more on that in another post) to determine how well your website is converting visitors into taking the actions your most concerned with (buying products, filling out opt-ins, etc).  It compares your total conversion rate to that the results from social media referrals.
  2. Network Referrals – This report shows you which social networks are providing the highest quality traffic.  You can compare total referrals to conversions to figure out which social networks you should focus more/less energy on.  For example, if Pinterest is providing a low number for referrals, but those who are coming across are very actively engaged on your site, you may want to consider attracting more Pinterest referrals.
  3. Landing Pages – This report shows you which pages from your site are being shared the most on social media.  You can add segments that will further break this report down by social network if desired.
  4. Conversions – As with the Overview report, this report also uses goal setting.  It helps quantify the value of your social networks by attaching a value to the conversions they initiate.
  5. Plugins – This report can provide details about on-site engagement with visitors who share your content on Social Networks.
  6. Users Flow – This report provides a graphic flow diagram of traffic volumes and visitor traffic patterns.  You can quickly see where visitors are coming from, where they enter your site, and where else the navigate before leaving.  I find this to be the most helpful of the Social Media Reports.

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Google Analytics Introduction

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Was this helpful for you?  If so, please share it with a friend who you think would get value!

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