10 Cool Travel Shows You Need to Be Watching

There’s definitely a lot of cool travel shows out there these days.  With so much choice, what’s the best way to figure out which ones are worth binging on??

As with travel itself, what makes a cool travel show is very subjective.  I’ve found that the shows I enjoy most are those that best match my travel style.

For that reason I’ve split this list of 10 Cool Travel Shows right down the middle between Adventure/Experiential shows and Foodie shows.  I’m sure there’s something everyone, so without further ado …

5 Cool Travel Adventure/Experience Shows

I’ve often heard the distinction between a traveller and a tourist is the desire to fully experience what your destination has to offer, rather than hopping from one landmark to the next.  Each of the shows listed below does a great job highlighting some of the hidden gems and cultures that may otherwise go unnoticed.  Get your bucket lists ready!

Rick Steves’ Europe

Rick Steves is the go-to expert on travel in Europe, specializing in off-the-beaten-path experiences you won’t find in other guide books.

Based on his incredibly popular travel books, Rick started his Travels in Europe series in 1991.  Rebranded as Rick Steves’ Europe, this fascinating series will provide you with some very cool travel tips and some out-of-the-way places the average traveler misses.

Following Rick’s lead you’ll soon find yourself immersed in cultures and adventures you never dreamed of!


The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is a reality television game show pitting teams of two people against each other in a race around the world.

Contestants follow clues and compete in challenges that explore the local cultures as they travel the globe.  They travel to and within multiple countries using a variety of transportation modes, including airplanes, hot air balloons, helicopters, trucks, bicycles, taxicabs, cars, trains, buses, boats, and by foot.

Teams are progressively eliminated until three are left for the final race to the finish line, where the first to arrive is awarded the grand prize.



Departures is an amazing portrayal of backpacker-style adventure travel. It’s follows two guys (and a friend as cameraman) as they visit cool travel locations around the world with only their backpacks.

The focus of Departures isn’t just centered on the highlights of travel destinations, it also shows the process of getting there and the unexpected adventures around every corner.


House Hunters International

The International installment of the House Hunters franchise of TV shows follows individuals, couples, or families searching for a new home in a new country, with the assistance of a local real estate agent.  Their reasons for the search range from vacation homes to job opportunities to retirement.

Each episode shows the buyers navigating through the real estate process.  They narrow their search down to three properties, ultimately choosing one before the end of the episode.

The conclusion of the show visits the buyers in their new home a few weeks or months after the sale closes, where they describe the effect the new home location has on their life.


Jeremy Jones: Deeper, Further, Higher

Jeremy Jones and a handpicked group of elite free-riders hit snowboarding dream runs in unspoiled places around the world.  They set out to conquer the best lines without the assistance of snowmobiles, helicopters or lifts.

The snowboard movie trilogy, Deeper, Further, Higher explores some of the world’s most remote mountain terrain while the group camps deep in the back-country and on the summits of unridden lines to access nearly vertical spines and wide-open powder fields.


5 Cool Travel Foodie Shows

Get your taste-buds ready for 5 of the best travel shows centered around the theme of international foods.  Most people I talk to say they like to sample local foods as part of their complete travel experience.  If that’s you, you’re about to find some culinary delights that are sure to light up your bucket list!

Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table is a new documentary series released on Netflix profiling the lives and kitchens of six of the world’s most renowned international chefs.

Each episode focuses on a single chef and the unique talents, passions and daily lives that influenced their culinary expertise.


Day of Glutony

Day of Gluttony is a fun show with a retro feel on Tastemade featuring two friends: Harry & Bruce.

Each episode features a different food-centric citiy across North America.  Their challenge: to conquer 24 restaurants within 24 hours! The most important rule? They’ve got to consume everything they order. No exceptions.

Watch as they eat their way across the continent, from Tex-mex in Austin to Poutine in Toronto.


Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives

Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives is a “road trip” concept show hosted by chef, Guy Fieri, looking for the best “hidden” spots around North America known only by the locals.

Each episode tends to have a unifying theme (such as burgers or comfort food) and features 3 small, independent eateries to sample their take on standard fare. Fieri interacts with customers and kitchen staff at each location, and even provides demonstrations on how they prepare their famous dishes.

The big surprise across the series tends to be the home-style recipes, and gourmet culinary approaches to what is usually not considered gourmet food.



Sourced joins host Guy Turland as he travels the globe in search of the best sources for some of the classic ingredients we use in our everyday cooking.

From the coastal citrus groves of Sicily for lemons to Oaxaca for the perfect mole pepper, this series will leave you fascinated by the care and wonder of finding and using the best ingredients in your next meal.


The Trip

The Trip is a British sitcom, starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon as fictionalised versions of themselves on a restaurant tour of northern England. The quirky dynamic of the characters mixed with the amazing scenery and food that you can almost taste through your screen makes this show a must-watch.

A second installment, The Trip to Italy, was recently released; with a third set in Spain expected later this year.


There you have it!  10 Cool Travel Shows guaranteed to satisfy your binge cravings, and inspire you to get out and experience all this world has to offer.

Do you have a favourite show that’s not on my list?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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