2016 Travel Trends

The worldwide travel industry continues to be a significant part of the worldwide economy, and the 2016 travel trends so no signs of slowing down.  This continued upward trajectory is being fueled by an increase in leisure travel as well as the rise in combined business/pleasure travel.

Where do people want to travel in 2016?  While the United States has held onto its #1 position there has been movement across the rest of the board as countries like Japan and Australia have begun to overtake traditional favourites like France and Italy.

The rise in business/pleasure travel is being followed by solo travel as a hot trend that is expected to continue into 2016.  This is proving true across all demographics, and throughout the top destination activities.

Technology has continued to influence the way we travel.  Smartphone, tablet, and overall mobile technology use has increased both before and during our trips, while computer use has begun to decrease.   This has been made possible by a huge push in quality travel apps now on the market, designed to make every aspect of our travel easier and more convenient.

Check out all the details in the below infographic, and see why the worldwide travel industry shows no signs of slowing down!

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